Wednesday, March 2, 2011


When the issue increase on in our community part either in Malaysia or as international issue, it is mean that, we need to find the best solution for it, to make our life, our community live in harmony. As we know, this issue has been started a couple years back and become seriously increase when the world facing the globalization, thus many kind of thing appear out rapidly. Actually the growing of globalization can give us good and also the bad thing that we cannot expect it to be. The issue come out from globalization is like the human trafficking issue. It is also can be classify as an international crime by people who are involve in many thing that globalization brings such as the technologies, for example widely communication within many country around the world. In this situation, the criminal can be easily communicated up with the other group in such as many different countries to deal. Here, we want to state that, the growing of globalization have been cause many serious issue and international crime that relate with our life. If we manage to handle it, our life could be more interesting.
The solution for the human trafficking issue can be in many various way and type. But the solution must be strong enough to prevent and bring the human trafficking criminal to justice. As we know that, in many countries, government act as an institution of making rule and regulation. Rule and regulation can be made as a way to overcome the human trafficking issue. To make it more effective, law enforcement can be done by our security department such as police, and also with monitoring by Ministry of Home Affairs. It is because the law enforcement is the best solution to preventing this issue from rising up more. Police and The Ministry of Home Affairs can join up together with General Operation Force (PGA) and some more institution like Immigration Department of Malaysia to keep watch the activities in many areas like airports. It is because, the human trafficking criminal can do this crime at anytime without no one realize about it. The group are very smart and cunning in doing their task, so, the best way also, we can train up our security level to a higher level and equip them with a new brand of weapons, and telecommunication equipment to make them easier to transfer data of the criminal and communicate among them.

At the same time also, what we can do is to reform a new policy so it can be more relevant with the current situation. It is because, our policy had been made during our country demand the independence from the British Colonist, and so it might be possible that the policy is not relevant anymore in our new life and current issue. The policy makers should be more comprehensive doing the policy to make sure that it will suite the local citizens and to ensure that the human trafficking criminal cannot escape from their wrong doing. Mean time, our national leaders could also sit up together and find the best solution, discuss about how to improve our security act and solve this issue with the leaders from various country that involve in this crime. It is also possible if the new policy can overcome this crime. Opinions from local citizens and other country can be the solution also because we can help the government to overcome this serious crime
Moreover, to make this crime did not boost up more; the government can equip many new things that can improve our security level. For example, to set up Closed-circuit television (CCTV) that use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors. It transfers the image about what exactly happen on the current time. CCTV is often used for surveillance in areas that may need monitoring such as banks, casinos, airports, military installations, and convenience stores. At the same time, the government also need to set up the CCTV in many new hotspots that are high possibility crimes will happen. So, the CCTV must be a good and the quality should be the priority to get the clear view about what the criminal do, and it could be the strong evidence in court to charge them. Fingerprints reader would be more effective with the face detection camera unit at many areas such as airports, and it can detect the criminal even though they have changed their passport identity.
Non Government Organization (NGO) should take their part to overcome this human trafficking issue. For example, NGO’s can organize more campaign to citizens on how to protect themselves from being cheated by those criminal. The NGO’s can join up together with the mass media such as television, radio, newspaper and also the internet to educate community about human-trade information. The NGO’s should be closer with the government in the parliamentary to discuss the solution for it. NGO’s also should not strive for the environmental issues solely, but the humanities issue are also the important issue now. People who are not high well education, will easily get cheated by luxury life, so, they are willing to get abroad to the new country to get job, and money for their expenses. They won’t realize that they can be cheated easily, so, this people need guidance. People those who were saved from becoming the slave in various activities, are homeless, and they have nothing in the new country. So, NGO’s also can start a new life for them, by conducting financial fund. The contribution will help to protect the victims by providing them a shelters, cloths, food and others basic things that they need. Motivation is the most important things and they really need it to gain back their hopes. We also can help the NGO’s by be volunteers in welfare organizations to help the victims.


  1. i think all person have own responsible to take care of tis problem......

  2. It's everyone responsibilities to solve this problem. This is a serious problem and we should cooperate with each other to solve this problem. Thank you for sharing this precious informations..-nur aisyah binti zahoni-

  3. All of us are wise enough to know that the root of this issue is POVERTY..... solving that itself could be the best way to curb this issue.As you have stated earlier that working together with the NGOs will also be a better way as this people are more proactive in dealing this type of issues. As part of my research, i think Malaysian government should look at organizations such as Second Chance Employment Services as its goal is to ensure women are no longer financially dependent on their abusers by providing them with the resources they need to have a meaningful career...... as how Ludy Green said "Till Malaysia have this kind of financial security, both victims and criminals will be more likely to turn to human trafficking networks that promise easy work"..... Bodies should take this issue seriously and act proactive.